Steven Schwartzapfel Attends Retirement Dinner for Paul Collins, President of Local 137

Local 137 Received a Financial Contribution from Steven Schwartzapfel at the Retirement Dinner of the Organization’s President, Paul Collins.

Glasses were raised at the honorary retirement dinner of Local 137’s President, Paul Collins. The dinner, which was held on October 17, 2013 at the exquisite Russo’s by the Bay in Howard Beach, NY was just a mere token of gratitude for all Collins has done for Local 137.  Local Union No. 137 is a part of the Sheet Metal Workers’ International Association that strives to improve benefits, wages, and safe working conditions.

Having known Collins for years, Steven Schwartzapfel attended the dinner to express his own appreciation of Collins’ dedication to the union. Schwartzapfel stated, “The level of devotion that Collins exemplified in the commitment of not just Level 137, but to all of the union workers of New York is something that ought to be recognized, and properly appreciated.”

Steven Schwartzapfel is a man who believes in the old saying “actions speak louder than words” and showing his appreciation to Collins was no exception. Schwartzapfel donated an undisclosed amount to the Local 137 Scholarship Fund which benefits the children of the members of 137.
It is easy for one to imagine Schwartzapfel and Collins in the same room together. They are both leaders of organizations that fight for those who may not be able to fight for themselves; they give back to their community at every given chance, and believe in the interdependent interaction with other organizations to build a better society for all.

New York thanks you both.